Our leadership transformation services

“Empowering Transformation with Leadership Coaching and The Leadership Circle™ Framework”

As leaders navigating a fast-paced and demanding world, we recognize the unique challenges you face. Through our comprehensive Leadership Development Program, we leverage the power of the Leadership Circle(™)  Framework to empower you as compassionate and effective leaders. 

Our commitment is to provide you with the essential tools and unwavering support needed to lead effectively, spark innovation, and cultivate a resilient organizational culture adept at managing the intricacies of transformations.

The true leadership program for effective leaders!

As Certified Leadership Circle™ Coaches, we are uniquely equipped to guide individuals, teams, and organizations on the path to transformation. Our expertise is grounded in the robust theories of adult development, notably Robert Kegan's work (a Harvard Psychologist), and amplified by The Leadership Circle™ Framework. This powerful combination enables us to initiate and sustain business transformation, agile transformation, and digital transformation in various industries.

Robert Kegan's Theory of Adult Development

Robert Kegan's pioneering work in adult development theory underscores our coaching approach. We recognize that leaders progress through distinct stages of development, each marked by evolving cognitive and emotional capacities. By understanding an individual leader's developmental stage, we can tailor coaching to their specific growth needs, ensuring they are better equipped to lead effectively through transformations.

Leadership Circle™ Framework**

The Leadership Circle™ Framework is a globally recognized tool for leadership assessment and development. As Certified Leadership Circle™ Coaches, we have the privilege of conducting comprehensive assessments of individual leaders and collective leadership cultures in any industry. This framework provides a holistic view of leadership effectiveness, distinguishing between creative leadership competencies and reactive leadership patterns.

How our leadership development
approach drives transformation


Leveraging the Leadership Circle™ Framework, we conduct comprehensive assessments of leaders and their collective leadership effectiveness, providing deep insights and areas for growth.


Our coaching interventions are highly personalized, informed not only by the Leadership Circle™ assessments but also by Robert Kegan's theories. This ensures that leaders receive tailored guidance to maximize their growth potential.


immunity to
We assist leaders in uncovering and addressing their 'immunity to change,' helping them break free from deep-seated beliefs and behaviors that may hinder transformation efforts.​


By nurturing creative leadership competencies, we empower leaders to inspire and guide their teams effectively through complex business, agile, and digital transformations.​


Our ongoing coaching support ensures that leaders sustain and apply positive changes in their leadership effectiveness, creating a lasting impact on transformation initiatives.


In summary, our professional coaching competencies, combined with Kegan's developmental insights and The Leadership Circle™ Framework, is a potent catalyst for initiating and sustaining transformation in any industry. We have the expertise and tools to empower leaders, elevate collective leadership cultures, and drive lasting change within your organization.

The Impact of Leadership Effectiveness

Where Leadership Meets Business Performance

Leadership effectiveness is not just a theoretical concept—it directly impacts business performance. Effective leaders inspire teams, drive innovation, and create an environment where individuals can thrive. At Teal Agility, we are committed to helping organizations harness the power of effective leadership to achieve outstanding results.

Elevate Your Leadership, Elevate Your Business

Effective Leaders Drive High Business Performance

The correlation between effective leadership and high business performance is well-established. Organizations with strong leadership see increased employee engagement, higher productivity, and better financial outcomes. 

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